All you need to know about home textiles!

Any decorator will tell you, curtains define a room, it can make a room look dreamy if the right colors and materials are chosen. Below are some common tips which will make the home designing process simpler!!!


  • Choose the material as per space requirements. Remember, if you take a heavy material it will not fall crisply and will prove to be difficult in making pleats. And if it too light, there wouldn’t be any fall. Therefore, decide its functionality before buying the material.
  • Linen , silk, faux silk and velvet are considered to be the best choices for windows as they have a nice fall. Faux silk is more durable and less expensive than silk and can last longer than silk. For the winter season use suede or velvet as they are heavy in weight and can insulate the room better.
  • Color: Sunlight tends to fade the color of the fabric, so for a room which gets a lot of sunlight avoid bright colors, as they tend to fade faster than light colors.

Stitching and Placement-
Always put the curtains about 6 to 8 inches above the window frame, in case you have a big room then you can increase the length or increase the curtain’s width as it will make the room look bigger. But, for a small room do not go for high length curtains as it can make a room look smaller.

Use lining and interlining to give the curtain a heavy look and fall. There are three sections of a curtain- the face of a curtain, the interlining and the lining. Interlining is a third layer and is generally put in between the first and the last layer of the curtain.

Customized curtains are ideal but can be more expensive than the ready-made ones. Ready-made curtains come in different styles and headers. Always choose material over style. Also remember, every window of the house/office needs a different treatment, so use styles and fabric which complement each other.


Upholstered furniture is the focal point of any room. It is mostly considered to be an investment because of its durability. One wrong move in choosing the kind of upholstery will be disastrous as you will be stuck with it for a long period. You can only change cushions/ rugs or switch to other accessories as they are inexpensive, but changing upholstery is an expensive affair.

  • For a contemporary room, you can use geometrical patterns and for traditional sofas, you can use single color or floral patterns. Avoid dense patterns for your furniture as it may need more meters. 
  • Consider the style and function of the furniture, if you have a traditional room which is occasionally used then choose silk base fabric, but never use silk fabric in a high traffic area it will not last long. Instead use cotton as it is sturdy and will last longer. 
  • Types: Cotton is durable fabric and can be used in formal to casual areas depending on its use. Leatherette is mostly used by designers for its simple and functional use.
    Silk is a very elegant and sophisticated fabric but good for occasional use. Wool is very durable but can only be used in a cold climate.
  • The fundamental of fabric care can ensure a long lasting , relationship with your upholstery. A good quality fabric can ensure the longevity as the dyes are fast in colors. A woven fabric of multiple ply yarn can last longer than single ply yarn.


After vacuum-cleaner-268148_960_720deciding upon the fabric comes its maintenance, generally we divide fabric into three categories : Upholstery, Curtains and bed linen.


  • Protecting the fabric from dust and sunlight can safeguard and ensure the fabric’s life.
  • Make sure your curtains and upholstery are not directly exposed to the sun as colors can fade away. To prevent sunlight damage put lining at the back of it.
  • Bed Linen and cushion covers can be washed in the same manner as your curtains. But while storing try not to fold them as you might get a crease and to avoid creasing you can roll them up. Always store them in a dry place to avoid fungus and mild dew.
  • Life of a fabric depends on its quality: Woven fabric is known for its durability because it has multiple ply, but still it mostly depends on its usage and the care.
  • Colors have a very big impact on the ambiance of the house, clever use of textiles for a particular space can make a lasting impression of your interiors. Generally, color preference is according to individual preferences and in styles with the decor, but you can try neutral colors as they are always in fashion.

And finally some seasonal color tips-

  • Summer:
    You can use white, beige and pastel colors. Light blue also works well in all seasons.
  • Spring:
    Nature inspired colors like daffodil, turquoise and leaf green go well in this season. Remember the fabric should be of light material.
  • Autumn:
    Rust, olive green and shades of brown could work great.
  • Winter:
    We can play with heavy materials and dark colors to get a warm look. Leatherette and velvet also do well in this season.

Textiles have a great impact on your interiors, so do not decide you next home/office textile purchase in a hush-hush manner, give it a thought! 🙂

Post your questions in the comments, or contact me personally. Also, please send me pictures of your favorite spaces in your homes, so that I can feature them in my next post!!


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