Trendy yet functional kitchens!


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Beautiful Charcoal kitchen cabinets. Picture courtesy-

Just couldn’t wait to anticipate the latest kitchen trends though still believe that functionality of a kitchen matters more than being trendy. But when functionality combines with beauty it definitely adds personality to the kitchen. Keep this in mind that blending functionality with design is important to have a great kitchen. Always accommodate your heeds for better storage, organization and accessibility. Do not leave the tiniest corner of your kitchen unattended.


Open shelf:
Open Shelves. Picture Courtesy-


Shelves Open shelves are must for great kitchen as you can add your personal touch to them, by adding different types of mugs or assorted pieces of crockery. Don’t try hard to keep matching the crockery.




Get inspired by these upcycled, DIY and space-saving kitchen islands and carts featured on
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Shapes– Oblong angles are making a strong comeback in 2017. Straight lines combined with oblong counters will define the composition.

Kitchen counters- In modern designing, kitchen ‘islands’ are a norm. It will help family interaction while preparing food, as you have access to all sides of your kitchen. And it also adds dramatic look to the kitchen.

Always build counters along with the perimeters of kitchen room to accommodate sink, storage and stove. Try to have a work triangle counter for better work space, circulation and accessibility.


Picture Courtesy-

Cabinet arrangements– Try to plan your kitchen in small sections keeping in mind the utility of a particular area. Though such niche areas can only be planned while constructing or renovating the area. This will ensure design flexibility in a long term.

Lighting– Installing pendent light on an island will not only give style to the area, its functionality is un-parallel for better lighting in the utility area. Using under cabinet fluorescent strips adds beauty to the kitchen and its utility cannot be denied especially if you have elderly people at home.


Finally the Colors -Choosing paints ain’t easy .Pick up a perfect hue to offset for your decor, to harness the power of  colors to create the ambiance you want. Soft pastel colors, wood tones, charcoal grey, light green –blue will take primary colors at bay. Charcoal color will bring the ‘wow’ factor to the kitchen. It is characteristically ultra modern and has a unique vision to become the focal point of the kitchen. It can be combined with blood red paint and steel handles to bring elegance to the overall look of a kitchen, as red and metallic hues will bring balance to the furniture.

Grey kitchens look modern and if combined with the latest trends and minimal use of other colors will appear more dramatic.

Quick tips-

  • Try keeping fresh green plants, preferably herbs, in the kitchen area for a fresh look.
  • Install door catchers for under cabinets.
  • A notepad holder can hold your recipe book or I-pad for quick and hand free use.
  • Maximize your storage space by making compartments. If customized drawers are not affordable, then try out some trays which are readily available in home stores.
  • Keep the most used items handy to prevent searching through drawers while cooking.
  • Maximize your storage by using vertical spaces with wall mounted open shelves or hanging baskets.




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