Light up your space :)

lighting-1107770_960_720Lighting is the most important tool of any design scheme . It adds a personality and spark to the room. Spaces in the house have evolved from slumber zones to multi functional areas. Here are some tips on how to illuminate your spaces and create versatile schemes for each room.


 To start with, we will categorize lighting in three major areas-

  1. Task lighting– lighting needed during performing a task.
  2. Ambiance lighting– lighting needed to create an even application to the entire space for example.
  3. Ascent lighting– Generally used by a designer or architect to add creativity to a space.

Sub categories-

  • Pendant lights – It is a type of task light and is generally used in kitchen counters where maximum work is being done. It doesn’t cast a shadow and is generally installed on ceilings.
  • Ceiling lights – A central ceiling light is used for an even glow around the room, also known as everyday lights.
  • Working light – For long visual tasks. This could be done with table lamps and down lighters where a lot of illumination is required in a specific work area.
  • Focus lights – To be used as tool to highlight art objects, like paintings on walls and on the shelves.

How to use a specific fixture by keeping in mind their utility?? 

Kitchen – Kitchens demand the most lighting solutions than rest of the house mainly because of its utility. Usually one or two ambient lights (depending the area) for general purpose are installed. Task lights are the most important light fixtures in the kitchen, they can be used under wall cabinets to conceal the fixture and illuminate the counters.306754971_829cf6f4f7_z

Bathrooms – Bathroom lighting are usually basic and focus more upon its functions. But at the same time ambiance and aesthetics are important for any space. Task lights can be fixed on sides of the mirror and ambiance lights for showers.Modern_Bathroom_Designs

Bedrooms– Bedroom lighting should serve diverse functions as we need to have different lighting for separate needs. For example, task lights for reading and in the closet. For full length mirror near the closet, specific light is needed which flatters the look of the person. Ambient lights for changing clothes, watching television, etc.. Adjustable lighting solution can work wonders, to avoid glare.wall-panel-416041_960_720

Living rooms– Here you need different light types for different activities. All three major areas of lighting can be utilized. Focus light fixtures are a special accessory to draw attention to a specific area and is generally used on walls for painting or any other object of art as explained room colour   photo courtesy

Some tips

  • Living area is the most used area of the house, so use a chandelier for ambiance and a bright look.
  • Dimmer switches are a must to achieve the desired look for different moods. 
  • Small table lamps work wonders towards creating a romantic cozy atmosphere and help ensure a warm look to any room.
  • Instead of recessed down lights, use lights which bounce off the ceiling. Bouncing light fixtures on the ceiling create a sense of brightness in the room and avoid shadows.

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