Quartz kitchen counter tops

There are a number of kitchen counter tops available in the market and the most commonly used are natural stones, solid surfaces, plastic laminates, ceramic tiles, glass, wood etc.. Amongst these, natural stones like granite and slate are the most popular medium.index

Now a days quartz counters are in sizable demand, as they look amazingly beautiful. Made from the hardest minerals on earth quartz is most durable material for kitchens. These counter tops are a unique blend of beauty and functionality.

Quartz is artificially made unlike granite and marble stone. I am sure you all must know that quartz is a mixture of mineral, color and resin, with the appearance of a natural stone. It is stain-resistant!!! The counter tops can be found in the range of Rs 2000 to Rs 6000 /- per Sq.ft. These counter tops offer a realistic look compared to that of marble and granite . By combining these qualities and the appearance of granite, Quartz is fast becoming the first choice of home owners and builders. It is gaining popularity because of its low maintenance. Even though they are expensive , I’d say it is money worth spending because of its quality and low maintenance.

oblong countersThe process of making these counters tops involves mixing the base product i.e. quartz with polyester resins and pigments for strength and desired colors. Apart from the binding quality, resins make the product non porous and scratch proof. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs like chocolate-brown, black and creams, and can be manufactured in any other colors of your choice. Small amount of metallic and glass pieces are added to give them a natural and sparkling look. So, this way one can achieve the look of textured slate/matte finished limestone or granite.


under cabinet lighting

  • Pick a light color, in order to avoid finger prints.
  • Call a specialized team for installation. Always fix the counter tops on a strong base, as they are heavy and require very specific strong structures to keep them stable.
  • It can be damaged with excessive heat, so use trivets and hot pads for keeping hot cookware on its surface.

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