Soulful walls

Choose a perfect hue to your decor to harness the power of colors and to create an atmosphere of your choice. Colors are the first thing a person notices while entering a room.  A well painted wall is a visual treat. It is the most effective medium to express your personality . Colors can transform the most neglected corner of your house into the brightest and most happening areas.

Before painting remember a few points -:

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  • Make list of the painting areas.
  • Repair work and preparing walls.
  • Decorative techniques.

Prior to painting of the walls, making a list will help you know what exactly you require, like the type of paint, quantity of paint, etc.. Though you can always experiment with different types of paints on different surfaces, there is a thumb rule that the paint companies have come up with. Let’s have a look at the rules:

  • Flat paint– Generally used for ceilings.
  • Eggshell– Bedroom and living areas.
  • Satin finish– Kitchens, galleries, walk ways and other most commonly used areas.
  • Gloss– Furniture, for a lacquered look.
  • Semi Gloss– Moldings, doors and windows.

painting-black-paint-rollerPreparing the surface– Preparation of a surface is important, otherwise despite of using the best paints you may not get the desired results. The most important thing to do is rightly prepare your surfaces. Fill up all the imperfections appearing on the wall, scrap the old peeling paints from the surface and then smoothen the area by using sand paper and scrappers. After this apply primers meant for specific surfaces respectively.

Now the most important thing!

Choosing paint colors-

Children room: Try exciting colors like red, yellow, blue, etc. paired with light color tones. These colors are considered to be energetic colors.

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Kitchen: Always use bright colors like whites, yellows and oranges, with contrasting furniture/cabinets.

After photos of the Perrota Kitchen. As seen on HGTV’s Kitchen Cousins. Picture Courtesy-

Bedroom: Softer colors like beige, light blue; for a restful and an intimate feeling. Please remember that lighting plays a very important role in deciding the colors, as the ambiance of the room is of utmost importance.

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Living room: Depends on the size of the room. If the room is large in size you can try applying dark colors like fucsia, dark brown or black on two walls and one large wall in texture or faux paints. You can also use similar color tones on the ceiling. In case the room is small in size, use bright colors with one textured wall, or use wall paper.

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Bathroom: Spa like theme with subtle colors like natural yellows, whites, etc. for a soothing bath, or daring colors like bright blues, violets and greens, its all up to your imagination 😉

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Dining room: Use stimulating bright contrast colors like blues or greens with a soothing neutral beige.

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Some useful tips

  • Choose paints according to the light source, natural/artificial and white/warm.
  • Strong color– Test your choice of color on a large area to know the exact color effect. Strong and deep natural colors like browns and greens are ascent colors. Use a tint of same colors on the ceiling to bring a dramatic effect.
  • Grouping– Using one color can be boring but if you team up bold colors with subtle colors it will make the room look interesting. For ascent, select a warm(red) or cool(blue) color to complement your main color.
  • Decorative finishes– These can make a room look interesting and for a more personalized look try different finishes, for example- Three walls and trim(the place where two walls meet) can be of the same color and one wall can have satin or matte finish. In spite of same hue, they will look different. A metallic finish can add a rich look to the wall.
  • Highlighting– Highlight areas by using semi-gloss paints to complement the wall. Glossy finishes makes the walls appealing when used correctly. Highlighting will add depth and warmth to the area and give it a three dimensional appearance.

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