Furniture for Generations

Beautiful things never go out of fashion. In the era of internet and virtual reality we need spaces which speaks volumes about our personality,believe me your heirloom furniture can carry forward the legacy.

Solid wood furniture diffuses ambiance with warmth and a feeling of belonging. These can accompany us lifelong . Furniture with solid wood frames with lacquered polish serve three purposes :-

  1.  Firstly , feeling of exclusivity  that the furniture is exclusively designed for you and secondly, you yourself appreciate the work of a skillful craftsmen who has put his heart and soul into making  a beautiful piece for you.
  2. Its intricate carving can be a visual treat for a visitors and you get appreciated for your taste in royalty. As spaces with solid wood furniture  immediately embrace the warmth of  wood and its color tones offer tenderness, tranquility  and serenity.
  3. Long lasting furniture :can last for generations. Easy to maintain and very durable.


Tips  for maintenance:-

  1. To clean furniture, first wipe of the dirt with dry towel then use luke warm water with mild dish soap and immediately wipe all the residual moisture with a soft paper towel or muslin cloth.
  2. To maintain its shine use mild wood wax  which is readily available in the market, apply small amount and leave it for 15 minutes and then rub it with a muslin cloth till you get your desired finish.
  3. Direct sunlight can damage the polish and can develop cracks and bubbles, therefore, protect your furniture from direct sun light.
  4. Similarly  excessive moisture can damage the sheen of the furniture , so wipe off all the moisture from furniture with the help of a soft cotton cloth .
  5. Remember once the wood is polished and the top protective coating is applied the wood is sealed and can not be damaged till they develop cracks.
  6. While buying an  old piece of furniture always look at the back side as some dealers could fool you by putting wax to hide cracks and other damages. The filled wax comes out with a seasonal change.
  7. By looking at the unpolished areas of the wood you can judge its age and quality. Don’t get carried away by  merely seeing the color of the wood, as dealers try all tricks to give them an antique look.
  8. Excess heat can damage the surface of your furniture ,so always use place mats. Despite of all care you  can still get a stain, don’t worry, use mild dish soap and rub it with slow pressure.

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