Memories on the wall :)

Popularity of hanging frames on your home walls are increasing day by day. Consumers have starting investing money on frames as walls have become the style statement of your house, due to scarcity of floor space. Frames can be used to put paintings, quotes and mirrors, and can also be used as shelves for displaying your art pieces. There is variety of materials ranging from wood, glass, stone like marble, stainless steel, silver etc. (Picture Courtesy-


Before buying keep following points in mind for a better wall arrangement:-

  1. Distinguish the purpose as framing photos, displaying pictures and drawings.
  2. Frames can be found around the house like on walls, shelves, suspended from the walls. They have enormous flexibility of use.
  3. Buy those frames which blends with your interiors. Do not buy a piece which does not fit into your home style.
  4. Put frames in cluster form to have a more personalized look and to display your style of living.
  5. Randomly group them in different shapes, sizes and colors.
  6. Metallic frames with buff polish look classy and stylish
  7. Pictures are integral aspect of any house so use frames complementing the photos not over powering your memories.
  8. Decorate frames as per the theme of your room for example if the living is contemporary then use slick frame with photos or mirrors. (Picture Courtesy- http://www.pinterest.com7c06b366a4042bc2041a7803a9235203
  9. Distressed frames with simple lines bring prominent nostalgic style.
  10. For nostalgic atmosphere use vintage frames. These can be bought from old furniture shops selling antiques. Picture Courtesy-
  11. Before buying frames, take a deep look at pictures you want to display. It is always good that you make a sketch of measurements and try the make the whole cluster with the help of brown paper and try it on your walls. So that you can have a fair idea to see how your wall is going to look with frames.
  12. Before fixing put the frames upside down on the floor and then make a sketch of hanging points, on brown paper. This exercise will save unnecessary drilling of walls.

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